A Truck Accident Lawyer
Can Help You Collect
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The difference in size between a semi-truck and a passenger car means cars rarely stand a chance in an accident with a truck. Truck accidents often cause catastrophic injuries, such as neck and spinal cord damage and broken bones and lacerations. Severe head trauma or even death are also possible. A truck accident lawyer at Vigil & Alford in Colorado Springs, CO, can help you establish liability and collect compensation for your injuries if you were involved in a truck accident. We are passionate about helping people who have been hurt in trucking accidents, seeking the maximum amount of compensation for injuries. For assistance with legal matters stemming from a trucking accident, call the Colorado Springs, CO, attorney team of Jimmy Vigil and Kim Alford Everett today.


Enlist the Help of a Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accident lawyers help victims of trucking accidents collect all of the compensation they need to fully recover from their injuries. A truck accident lawyer is essential to the prosecution of your case and can help collect information such as:

  • Determination of fault: Compensation for personal injuries in any type of accident is typically borne by the party at fault. The concept is simple, but determining fault is much more complex. Questions may arise as to whether the driver caused the accident or if there were other factors at play, such as a defect in the manufacture of the truck or an instance where the driver’s employer should bear the cost of injury.

  • Examining driving habits: There are federal and state regulations on truck drivers, and one of the most important is whether drivers are taking required breaks. If not, a driver may be suffering from fatigue, which can cause a motor vehicle accident. A truck accident lawyer knows how to define the driving habits of a trucker and assign liability when appropriate.

  • Questions of maintenance: Owners are responsible for maintaining large trucks in a certain way. When maintenance is not kept up, a truck becomes even more dangerous when on the road. Owners are also required to provide adequate training and a safe work environment for their drivers. A truck accident lawyer will investigate every avenue and pinpoint instances of missed maintenance in a way that ties the accident to the root cause. 

Trucking accidents are unique and often cause catastrophic injuries. We fight for full and fair compensation for your injuries.

The High Stakes of Truck Accidents

Statistics show that the number of truck accidents that result in injury is quite high. In 2015, there were 4,311 accidents involving large trucks or buses that resulted in death. This figure is up 8 percent from 2014 and shows no sign of decreasing. The increase in accidents causing serious injury may be due in part to the increase in miles traveled by trucks and buses, which ranges from 0.3 percent for trucks and 1.4 percent for buses from 2014 to 2015.

Injuries caused in these types of accidents can be life-changing and could require extensive medical care, long-term or ongoing physical therapy, or rehabilitative services. The cost of this care and these services is high and should be paid by the liable party. Truck accident attorneys work with you to recover every bit of compensation you deserve so you are fully reimbursed for the damage done in a trucking accident.

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