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A Dog Bite Attorney Can Help Hold Negligent Owners Responsible

If you or a loved one has been attacked by a vicious dog, the animal’s owner can be held strictly liable for your injuries and losses. Colorado dog bite laws are complex, but these laws offer protection to innocent victims. An experienced dog bite attorney at Vigil & Alford can handle your case and ensure you receive full and just compensation. To speak to a lawyer, please contact our Denver or Colorado Springs, CO, office today.

A dog with bared teeth

If you have been attacked by a dog, the owner can be held strictly liable for your injuries. 

About Dog Bite Incidents

News stories about unprovoked dog attacks are common, and frequently tragic. In 2015 alone, 36 U.S. fatalities were attributed to dogs, the vast majority of which were pets. Children and the elderly are frequent victims, but one or more aggressive dogs can easily take down a large adult.

In many cases, dog attacks leave the victim permanently, catastrophically injured. Broken bones, punctured organs, eye injuries and disfiguring facial injuries are common. For children, especially, the scars that remain are deeply emotional as well as physical.

Colorado Dog Bite Law

Colorado’s laws pertaining to dog attacks are complex, combining two separate doctrines. In case of serious bodily injury, dog owners are held to a “strict liability” standard. This means liability for covering a victim’s damages even if the pet has never acted aggressively before and the owner had no reason to believe there was danger.

Our goal is to negotiate the best possible settlement for your case, seeking coverage for your medical costs and lost wages, along with compensation for pain and suffering and anticipated future needs.

This rule applies when the injured victim was lawfully on private property or on public property when bitten. It pertains specifically to bite injuries and not incidents where the victim is injured by being knocked to the ground.

For injuries that are not life-altering or disfiguring, a separate negligence rule applies in Colorado. In this case, the victim must prove that the owner failed to use reasonable care with the dog. For example, a dog known to be aggressive should be restrained or under control at all times.

When in the presence of small children, even a seemingly docile dog should be appropriately restrained. In a negligence case, legal action can be taken for a bite or a serious knock-down injury. 

If You or Your Child Were Injured

Immediate medical care is the priority in any circumstance of a dog-related injury. In some cases, testing will be needed to ensure that the dog has not passed along a rabies infection. If at all possible, it is a good idea to take pictures of the injury and accident scene.

The attorneys at Vigil & Alford understand this traumatic situation and will work to ease your burden if at all possible. We can handle the insurance adjusters for you, and we will conduct a thorough investigation of the incident, taking care of legal details while you rest and recuperate. Our goal is to negotiate the best possible settlement for your case, seeking coverage for your medical costs and lost wages along with compensation for pain and suffering as well as any anticipated future needs.

As experienced personal injury and wrongful death attorneys, we understand how difficult these cases can be for victims and family members. Sometimes the dog in question belonged to a friend or family member. These cases are especially tough, but it is important to remember that innocent victims are entitled to practical assistance, and the defendant will be an insurance company, not an individual.

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Jimmy Vigil and Kim Alford Everette are plaintiffs’ attorneys only, ready to advocate for victims. If you have suffered from injuries sustained in a dog attack, please contact our office today. Attorneys Vigil and Alford Everette are ready to fight for your rights to just compensation. Call our Colorado Springs office at (719) 632-4333 or our Edgewater office at (303) 756-9935 to schedule a consultation with a dog bite attorney. You can also contact our law firm online. Se habla español.

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