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ATV Accident Attorneys: a Necessity in Colorado

Given the diverse terrain in Colorado Springs, CO, ATV accidents are a common occurrence and can result in serious injury. With nearly 100,000 ATV-related emergency room visits each year, it is important to know where to turn when you need legal counsel. At Vigil & Alford, LLC, our ATV accident attorneys understand the complexity of these accidents and the severity of potential losses. To help you secure maximum compensation, our team can determine negligence and hold the appropriate parties accountable. If you or someone you love sustained injuries in an ATV accident, contact our law firm to discuss your case with Mr. Jimmy Vigil or Ms. Kimberly Alford Everette

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ATV accidents can result in severe injuries to the neck, spine, head, and limbs. 

A Popular Colorado Pastime

Sometimes referred to as “quads,” ATVs are a popular pastime in Colorado for children, teens, and adults. These machines are also useful in transporting heavy objects. However, even with proper use and appropriate safety measures, such as helmets and protective gear, accidents can and do still occur.

With nearly 100,000 ATV-related emergency room visits each year, it is important to know where to turn when you need legal counsel.

Causes of ATV Accidents

While many think reckless driving is the primary cause of ATV accidents, there are several other possibilities. Lack of maintenance, for example, could lead to a mechanical malfunction and cause serious injuries. Damage to trails and defective parts can also result in an accident. With many possible sources, there are several potentially liable parties. As such, working with an ATV accident attorney is critical to the success of your claim.

Injuries Resulting from ATV Accidents

A quarter of all ATV-related injuries treated in the emergency room are for children under the age of 16. However, these accidents can affect victims of all ages. Common injuries in ATV accidents include:

  • A concussion or traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Damage to the spinal cord, which may result in paralysis
  • Broken bones
  • Cuts, bruises, and sprains

An average of 450 people die each year from injuries sustained in an ATV accident. If you or your loved one has been injured in this type of accident, it is crucial to seek immediate medial attention.

How Our Attorneys Can Help Recover Damages

In comparison to motor vehicle accidents, in which there are often witnesses to help determine fault, most ATV accidents occur in more isolated areas. While this can make establishing fault more difficult, our team at Vigil & Alford, LLC will use our extensive resources to determine which party is accountable. We can perform a thorough investigation, reconstructing the accident if necessary.

Once we have established liability, we can build a strong case, connecting the liable party's negligence directly to your injuries. Responsible parties may include the:

  • ATV owner
  • Individual driving the vehicle
  • Owner of the property where the accident took place
  • Manufacturer

Regardless of who is responsible, we can tirelessly pursue damages on your behalf. While you focus on recovery, we can help secure compensation for your medical expenses, loss of income, and pain and suffering.

Let Us Represent You

Injuries sustained from ATV accidents can affect you and your family, impacting your wellbeing and your financial circumstances. If you or someone you love was recently injured in an ATV accident, contact Vigil & Alford, LLC online to schedule your complimentary consultation. You may also call our Colorado Springs, CO, office at (719) 632-4333 or our Edgewater, CO, location at (303) 756-9935.

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